Advocating for Women's Equality in the Church

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    Biblical Equality, Women and Relationships, Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

    Wives and Husbands in 1 Peter: Who is the Weaker Vessel?

    Heather Celoria

    Certain passages in 1 Peter are sometimes used to support the idea of hierarchy in Christian marriage, but a closer look reveals that…

    Biblical Equality, Personal Stories

    Walking in Rachel Held Evans’ Shoes

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

      It was November 2013. The conference had already started, and I was running late. I walked quickly along the sidewalk with my…

    Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

    Made in the Image of a God Who Doesn’t Look Like Me

    Kayla Blair

    My family doesn’t look like a family in a lot of ways.  Meaning, we don’t look like one another.  At all. We are…

    Biblical Equality, Personal Stories, Women and the Church

    We Need You, Brothers

    Kelly Ladd Bishop

    I used to work for a church that went through the tedious process of changing the church bylaws to allow for the full…

    Biblical Equality, Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

    The Quick Start Guide to Equality in Genesis

    Hannah Thompson

    The creation accounts in Genesis are of utmost importance when discussing gender relations within the Church. “Creation order” is a foundational claim of…

    Personal Stories, Women and the Church

    The Case of the Reluctant Feminist

    Jerri Dyer

    I don’t really like to identify myself as a feminist. I am - to borrow and slightly modify our priest’s description of herself…

    Biblical Equality, Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

    Mentoring in the Church: Apollo had Priscilla, Phoebe had Paul

    Bev Murrill

    Empowered by higher education and the willingness of thinking people to judge others on their merits rather than their plumbing, more women are…

    Women and the Church

    10 Ways Men Can Fight Sexism

    Allison Quient

    Are you a man who is discontent with just believing women should be treated fairly? Are you ready to do something? Here are…

    Biblical Equality

    Laying Down Male Privilege for Joy

    Rob Dixon

    Like most kids, our children love their candy. A relatively rare treat in our house, every piece of candy is something to be…

    Personal Stories, Women and Relationships, Women and the Church

    Miss & Carry: Towards a Theology of Unrealized Motherhood

    Hannah Helms

    In this personal and moving post, guest author Hannah Helms makes the case that the Church needs a better theology to address the…


    Defying Gender Stereotypes: Surprising Men of the Old Testament

    Bronwen Speedie

    I’ve found that the Old Testament is full of some amazing, strong women who defy stereotypes. But what about men? Did Old Testament…

    Biblical Equality, Personal Stories, Women and the Church

    Developing Ideas of Equality

    Terry Cunningham

    My first official contact with women struggling for equality was as a young reporter. Some women had chained themselves to the front of…

    "Notorious" Passages, Biblical Equality, Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

    5 Reasons to Stop Using 1 Timothy 2:12 Against Women

    Gail Wallace

    Hundreds of pages have been written on this chapter, with almost as many interpretations, proving this to be one of the least understood…

    Women and Relationships

    Paul, Singleness, and Mutuality: 3 Proposals for the Church

    Nick Quient

    Something I’ve come to understand is that singleness is a high price to ask of people. I was single for a long time…

    Biblical Equality, Women and the Church

    Women & Leadership in Sacramental Churches

    Tim Peck

    When I was a pastor in the nondenominational world, most conversations around gender and church leadership revolved around whether women should preach from…

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