Advocating for Women's Equality in the Church

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    Biblical Manhood…or Biblical Jesus?

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    A lot of things are being said these days about being a "biblical man". It just seems like many people are using scripture…


    To Lead or Not to Lead: The Right Question for Christian Men?

    Bob Edwards

      “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness” the firm foundation of male authority? There is a movement today…

    Biblical Equality, Women and the Church

    Why I am a Feminist and an Egalitarian (And Why They Aren’t the Same Thing)

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    Feminism vs Egalitarianism I am both a feminist and a biblical egalitarian.  These two are not the same. In fact, I believe that…

    Women and Relationships, Women and the Church

    The Deceived Shall Teach our Children?

    Laura Ziesel

    One day I was leaving my Christian Ethics class, having just discussed masculinity, industrialization, and lots of other great stuff.  On my way…

    Personal Stories, Women and the Church

    A Place for All Women in the Church?

    Heather Penny

    I recently turned 43, and the 40s bring a sense of clarity that eludes us in our 20s and 30s (I’ll probably say…

    Women and the Bible

    Were the Disciples Unschooled Ordinary Men?

    Gail Wallace

    Did twelve ordinary, uneducated men start the Church? No, God used a larger group of both men and women disciples with varying backgrounds.…

    Personal Stories, Women and the Church

    Why I Am Womanist & Feminist (and it has nothing to do with hating men)

    Khristi Adams

    Now is not the time to blame women or consistently accuse us of complaining, ranting and raving and hating men. For many of…

    "Notorious" Passages, Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

    Lost In Translation: A Look at 1 Timothy 2:12-15

    Bob Edwards

    In Lost in Translation, Part 1, Bob showed that some words in the Bible are translated differently when they refer to women as…

    Biblical Equality, Personal Stories

    No Middle Ground for Women in the Church

    Harriet Reed Congdon

    There was a time I tried to keep both a hierarchical view of authority in the church and a freedom for women to…

    Women and the Church

    5 Things I Wish Male Egalitarian Pastors Would Do

    Meredith Miller

    Dear Male Egalitarian Pastors, I have something I need to tell you, and it’s a bit tough to say. Before I do, I…

    Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

    Lost In Translation: Phoebe, Servant or Minister?

    Bob Edwards

    Though inequality makes some of my complementarian friends uneasy, they hold fast to their beliefs nonetheless. They do this, some tell me, because…

    Women and Relationships

    Living Between the Mommy Wars

    Jody Fernando

    When I was pregnant, a friend of mine told me that her mother hadn’t been much into babies. She chuckled a bit as…

    Personal Stories, Women and the Church

    Gender Hierarchy isn’t the Reason I Left Evangelical Christianity, but…

    Marianne Mandujano

    I was raised by egalitarian parents and my first meeting with gender division in the Church was when I was studying theology at…

    Personal Stories, Women and Relationships

    Submission: A Personal Story

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    Submission What he had always been told he deserved What he expected from me, with nothing in return But it was not mine…

    Women and the Bible

    Does the Creation Account Support Women’s Submission?

    Gail Wallace

    Views on submission exist on a continuum, but generally speaking, egalitarians support mutual submission in marriage, and church leadership based on giftedness rather…

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