Advocating for Women's Equality in the Church

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    Women and the Church

    Mail and Female: A Story About Women, the Post Office, and Church

    Tim Fall

    In today's post, Tim Fall shares some fascinating history about women's equal access to the post office and draws some interesting parallels to…

    Personal Stories, Women and the Church

    On Being a Female Chaplain in the Military

    Alexis Waggoner

    I just spent six weeks with a group of 21 other Air Force chaplains. All 21 were male. I’m a female chaplain in…

    Women and the Church

    Women in Church History: Footnoted and Forgotten?

    Michael Wiltshire

    Women have always played a crucial role in the establishment of the Christian church, but I’ve noticed that their contributions are often footnoted…


    Women, War, and Evangelicals

    Gail Wallace

    Marine Cpl. Christina Oliver on patrol in 2010. Credit Lynsey Addario|The New York Times Recently the U.S. military announced it was in the…

    Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

    For Brown Girls Who Considered Leaving the Church When the Sexism was Too Much

    Kimberly Peeler-Ringer

    A lot of Black women occupy pews in churches that privilege maleness, and even teach and uphold certain cultural norms from an ancient…


    49 (more or less) Seriously Good Blogs for Christian Egalitarians

    Gail Wallace

    Updated 9/2021 to reflect the current status of the resources named. In this post, we provide a list of 40+ blogs that regularly…

    Personal Stories, Women and Relationships

    I Didn’t Choose to Become an Egalitarian

    Carrie Fernandez

    I’m a southern girl, the middle child, one of three daughters in my family of five. My daddy gloried in raising up three,…

    Mary’s Song – The Message of Christmas

    Christiana Rice

    Impromptu nativity reenactments are one of my favorite Christmas traditions. In our home, someone reads from the Gospel account and we bring out…

    "Notorious" Passages, Women and Relationships, Women and the Church

    5 Myths of Male Headship

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

      I sat down across the table from her. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and I was excited to catch…

    Women and the Bible

    Women of Advent: A Vulnerable Genealogy

    Cara Strickland

    Recently, I heard a sermon preached almost entirely on Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew. I was visiting a church I attended in my youth,…

    Women and the Church

    There is Still Time to Be a Defiant Woman

    Sarah Schwartz

    “If you have yet to be called an incorrigible, defiant woman, don't worry, there is still time." Clarissa Pinkola Estes Let them call…

    Personal Stories

    No Longer Submitting to “A Woman’s Place”

    Jory Micah Peterson

    Today guest writer Jory Micah shares some of her personal story. "I had a realization. As a woman in ministry I could accept…

    Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

    Women in The Image Of God: Not Just a Creation Story

    Gail Wallace

    I have a granddaughter who loves to be read to. When I start reading she pays close attention, but sometimes when we get…

    Personal Stories, Women and the Church

    Jesus Found Me

    Heather Penny

      One of my favorite stories is when Jesus heals a man who had been born blind since birth. After Jesus heals him,…

    Biblical Equality, Women and the Church

    Women and Church Politics: Living Outside the Bubble

    Shawna Songer Gaines

    I never thought I would ever write a book about politics! But as my husband (and co-pastor) and I led our congregation through…

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