Advocating for Women's Equality in the Church

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    "Notorious" Passages

    Why 1 Timothy 2:8-15 Does Not Ban Women from Teaching & Having Authority in the Church

    Patrick Franklin

    From the mailbox: "Just wanted to say thank you for your article on 1 Timothy 2. It was a great reference for me…

    Women and the Church

    10 Reasons Why Men Should Not Be Pastors

    Gail Wallace

    "A man's place is in the army." So starts David M. Scholer's satirical list of reasons why men shouldn't be pastors. Most of…

    Personal Stories, Women and the Church

    Thoughts From a Feminist Asian Dad

    Eugene Hung

    I’m a feminist. But I haven’t always been. Through much of my life I’ve been a pretty nice guy – thoughtful, sensitive to…

    Women and the Church

    Do I Stay or Do I Leave? A Dilemma for Women in the Church

    Teri Ruonavaara King

    Earlier this year we shared a guest post titled "Why I'm at a Church That Doesn't Support Gender Equality". The post led to…

    Biblical Equality, Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

    4 Truths About Women in the Church

    Krysti Wilkinson

    Sometimes I find it amusing that our churches of today seem to be more anti-women than the Bible is. We doubt women’s ability…

    Women and the Church

    Stumbling Over Women: Stones of Remembrance

    Gail Wallace

    On a recent tour of Germany I came across the Stolpersteine Project. Stolpersteine (stumbling stones) are small brass-plated blocks or stones embedded into…

    Biblical Equality, Personal Stories, Women and Relationships

    Egalitarian Marriage: More Than An Equal Division of Roles

    Hannah Helms

    On the third Wednesday of each month I set up camp in a conference room at the hospital where I work. I set…

    Women and the Church

    Why Women Make Excellent Church Planters

    Karina Kreminski

    Most church planting conferences, books, and leaders that I interact with assume that church planters will be male. Moreover, there are some movements…

    Personal Stories, Women and the Bible

    Directing Godspell with a Female Jesus

    Amelia Haas

      “Do you care if Jesus is a righty or a lefty?” Jasmine Myers asks during a rehearsal for Godspell. She’s just finished…

    Biblical Equality, Women and Relationships

    An Egalitarian Engagement and Wedding: One Couple’s Story

    Katie Manning

    It's wedding season! Today Katie Manning shares some creative ways she and her husband, Jon, applied their egalitarian values to the engagement and…

    "Notorious" Passages

    What Does It Mean for Women to Learn in Quietness and Submission? 1 Timothy 2:11

    Tania Harris

    They are the verses of Scripture used most frequently to silence women in the church: 1 Timothy 2:11-12. I remember reading them as…

    Biblical Equality

    Reading Scripture as an Egalitarian: The Big Picture

    Patrick Franklin

    In today's post Patrick Franklin presents egalitarian theology in a nutshell. He writes, "In order to understand difficult passages of Scripture, including the…

    Personal Stories, Women and Relationships

    Snapshot of a Traditional Egalitarian Marriage

    Gail Wallace

      Today would have been my parent’s 61st wedding anniversary. Mom passed away from complications due to Alzheimer’s two years ago and significant…

    Personal Stories, Women and the Church

    What I Learned about Being an Advocate for Women in Seminary

    Karen Gonzalez

    “The devil is among us here at our seminary: women are being told they can preach.” Those were the first words of a…

    Biblical Equality, Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

    A God With Two Hands: Reflecting on Gender Equality

    Stephen Waldron

    In a recent Christians for Biblical Equality blog post, Kevin Giles showed how people used the Bible to justify slavery in a way that…

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