49 (more or less) Seriously Good Blogs for Christian Egalitarians

Gail Wallace


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Updated 9/2021 to reflect the current status of the resources named.

In this post, we provide a list of 40+ blogs that regularly advocate for the egalitarian viewpoint. 

Some are new voices while others have a long history of advocacy. The groundswell of online support for the equality of men and women in the church is astonishing and encouraging! Not all of these will meet your individual needs – some will be too conservative and some too liberal. But there is definitely something for everyone here! (See the editor’s note at the end for the criteria used to make up the list.)


If you are serious about learning about or advocating for the shared partnership of women and men in the church and home you need to subscribe to these blogs!

Christians for Biblical Equality Blog A multi-author blog published by the flagship egalitarian organization, CBE. New content is posted several times a week.

The Junia Project Gail Wallace and Kate Wallace Nunneley manage this multi-author blog with the sole purpose of advocating for the egalitarian position and its practical applications in the church and in the home. (Excuse the shameless plug – we’ll make it worth your while!)

Kelly Ladd Bishop Bishop is dedicated to a biblical view of gender that sees women and men as equal in value, giftedness, and roles.

Marg Mowczko A biblical scholar, theologian, and church historian, Mowczko writes extensively on the biblical basis for equality of men and women in marriage and ministry. Her well-researched posts present the egalitarian case with excellence.

Sarah J. O’Conner O’Conner’s site has some of the most engaging and well-thought-out content on biblical equality available.

Sheila Ray Gregoire Writing and research on marriage and sex from an egalitarian viewpoint.


The breadth, depth, and scholarship represented by these authors from diverse perspectives and backgrounds is outstanding! Be sure to take advantage of these rich resources.

Amy F. Davis Abdallah Inspiring writing from this theology and bible professor at Nyack College who has studied women’s rites of passage. This link takes you to posts on biblical women.

Amy R. Buckley Writer, speaker, and women’s activist Buckley is a contributor to “Strengthening Families and Ending Abuse: Churches and Their Leaders Look to the Future” and serves on the board of Life Together International.

Ashley Easter Easter advocates for gender equality in the context of writing that emphasizes freedom from legalism, abuse, and spiritual, emotional, and physical poverty. She is the founder of The Courage Conference.

Baptist Women in Ministry Organizational blog advocating, connecting, networking, and sharing experiences and resources for women church leaders.

bWe Baptist Women for Equality Blog of Shirley Taylor, inspiring author of Dethroning Male Headship & self-proclaimed street evangelist for women’s equality. Great practical ideas for activism.

The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors Ruth Perry and Becky Buck seek to empower Christian women as co-warriors with their brothers in God’s Kingdom.

BLT Bible|Literature|Translation Multi-author blog with strong scholarship on the egalitarian position, especially in the area of biblical translation and linguistics.

Biblical Personhood Personal reflections by Retha Faurie, “because Christianity is bigger than Biblical manhood or womanhood”.

Carolyn Custis James James is a speaker and prolific author (Malestrom: Manhood Swept into the Currents of a Changing World is her most recent), and a long-time advocate for women in the church.

Challenging Tertullian|Rob Dixon An Intervarsity staff member, husband, father of 4, and doctoral student at Fuller Seminary, Dixon regularly challenges sexism.

The Churched Feminist A licensed minister with graduate degrees in biblical and religious studies blogs with a particular emphasis on affirming the experiences of Black women in the church.

Free Methodist Feminist Studies and opinions about Biblical feminism and historical overviews of early Free Methodist women.

Gifted for Leadership|CT’s Leadership Journal Not overtly egalitarian, but many writers present the egalitarian perspective in their posts. Search “women”. See also Hermeneutics.

God’s Design Perth Chaplain Bronwen Speedie helps Christians discover the biblical truth of the equality of men and women. 

In Christus Former pastor and professor of philosophy and religious studies Paul Adam has written extensively (more than 50 posts) on egalitarianism. You’ll find 11 posts on Philip Payne’s excellent scholarship (Man and Woman: One in Christ).

Jesus Creed|Scot McKnight McKnight is a professor at Northern Seminary and author (The Blue Parakeet, Junia is Not Alone) who advocates for the egalitarian position and frequently makes his platform available for others to do so as well.

Kimberly Majeski: Scholar, Storyteller, Activist An associate Professor at Anderson University and the CEO of Stripped Love (ministry to women in the sex trade) Majeski has great insight on women in the bible, egalitarian theology, and related issues.

The Marcella Project Blog Bible teacher Jackie Roese holds a Doctorate in Preaching from Gordon Conwell Seminary and is committed to raising up women leaders through The Marcella Project.

Psephizo|Ian Paul Theologian, author, speaker, and director of publishing for Grove Books, Paul blogs about his research, observations and reflections related to faith and ministr                                               

Seedbed  This multi-author blog sponsored by Asbury Seminary regularly features posts in support of the full inclusion of women in church and society.

Spiritual Sounding Board Julie Anne blogs about spiritual and other types of abuse in the church and provides helpful resources.

Young Clergy Women Project New articles every week from the younger generation of clergywomen under the tab Fidelia’s Sisters Magazine.


While the main focus of these blogs and/or websites is not to advocate for the egalitarian viewpoint, they do address it enough to make it worth exploring the archives.

Austin Channing Channing writes primarily about the work of racial justice and reconciliation, but this link will take you to her posts related to women’s equality.

Awake Deborah Therapists Bob and Helga Edwards have a number of posts about equality on this site.

Bronwyn Lea This SAHM, Bible teacher, writer shares thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics related to women.

Christ and Pop Culture A multi-author site encouraging “a biblical presence within culture characterized by nuance and appreciation while resisting extremes of thoughtless condemnation and uncritical embrace”. This link takes you to posts specifically about women and culture.

Christian Egalitarian Marriage|Kristen Rosser No recent posts, but Rosser has a great backlog of content on marriage.

Kay Bonikowsky This wife, mother of three and M.Div. student has an extensive catalog of writing on egalitarianism. “Women are vital to God’s kingdom work, no strings attached”.

The Historical Christian|Dan Salyers Salyers has a wealth of church history on his site in addition to this link to a collection of posts on women in church history.

Jeremiah Gibbs Pastor Gibbs has an excellent series on women in ministry.

Keri Wyatt Kent Keri has a solid collection of posts advocating for the egalitarian position.

Kyria Network This cross-denominational organization takes seriously their mandate to encourage, equip and release women to take up the roles of leadership God is calling them to.

Lindsay Hardin Freeman This Minnesota-based Episcopal priest and author of Bible Women: All Their Words and Why They Matter gives great depth and nuance in her writing about women in the bible.

Magnifications Theological reflections (many about women in the Bible) written by women from the Churches of Christ managed by Amy Bost Henegar, MDiv from Fuller, 20+ years of professional ministry.

Michael Hanegan The focus in this collection of posts is on promoting gender equality in the Churches of Christ.

Philip B. Payne Payne is a NT scholar well known for studies on NT textual criticism and author of the outstanding book Man and Woman, One in Christ.

Rachel Held Evans There is a lot of excellent archived material on biblical equality on this site that is stilled being maintained after RHE’s tragic death.

The Wartburg Watch This site examines news and trends that affect the faith in the public square, with an emphasis on church conflict, spiritual abuse, and hyper-authoritarian polity.

These are the bloggers and sites we are appreciating and learning from these days. Who would you add to the list, and why?


DISCLAIMER: This is not an endorsement of these blogs as not all content aligns with our beliefs. Some will be too liberal for some of you, others too conservative. Explore the list and find blogs that address your personal knowledge gaps. This is not an exhaustive list – leave your suggestions in the comments!

Readers: To make the list a blog needed a primary or significant focus on the egalitarian viewpoint and a recent post (within 12 months). Sites that didn’t meet that standard but have a deep well of material are included under “More to Explore”.  We also considered navigation functions like search, categories, archives, and post dates, all of which help readers find specific content. 

Authors: Please send us corrections and/or changes and we’ll try to correct them within 24 hours.

Did you know that you can support our volunteer work for as little as $5/month and get access to exclusive content? Please check out our Patreon page for more information.

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  • Hey, thanks for the shout-out! i was going through this list and checking out some new blogs (and some old favorites) and saw you had my blog on your list. I’m so honored.

  • Thanks for the mention! I’m so excited to be a part of this awesome list. Magnifications.org is doing a few things: 1) It’s a place for women to take a risk and write the things God has put on their hearts, even if their churches aren’t inviting them to share or teach, 2) It provides a witness to the church for the gifting and calling of women — when you read the words women have shared it is clear that the Spirit of God is working in their lives and inspiring their words. Many congregations in the Churches of Christ are moving toward an egalitarian understanding. My hope is that Magnifications.org will help in this movement. Thanks so much for the wonderful work you are doing with the Junia Project! Blessings, Amy

  • Thanks for the mention, and I hope my past work will be helpful to readers! I also hope to begin adding blog posts again soon, though not at the rate I was blogging in the past. The novel is taking more time to finish than I expected!

    • Your very welcome, Kristen! Looking forward to more posts in the future 🙂

  • Thanks for the valuable resources! I would love to suggest you add Cindy Brandt. She has a wealth of information on her blog and I have personally learned so much from her “unfundamentalist” articles, “Outside In: 10 Christian Voices You Can’t Ignore” and “When God Changed with Me.”

    Cindy Brandt

    • Thanks, Amy! Yes, we love Cindy’s writing. There were not quite enough posts on the site advocating for the egalitarian position yet, but we will keep watching for more 🙂 Here is one she wrote for The Junia Project, in case you haven’t seen it: https://juniaproject.com/co-creators-beginning/

  • I have a new item on my bucket list as of today: to be included on this in the next 2-3 years. Thanks for compiling all of these fabulous writers/sites.

    • Dorothy, we would love that! I know you write about this topic here and there, so will look forward to seeing a related category on your blog soon 🙂

  • I am deeply honored to be on your list. I hope we can connect with one voice. I almost always issue a challenge at the end of my blog for action. In 4 short years, it will be 100 years since women got the right to vote and we Christian women are still fighting for the right to serve as we are called. Can we make it a priority to “get it done” in 2020? (by the way, the name is bWe Baptist Women for Equality.)

    • Of course! How’s the book coming along? Thankful for your voice in the debate!

      • The book idea is how we got started out blogging, but we have been preoccupied with our young children and the pressures of being working class Mainers. Reading many of these blogs on a daily basis is keeping the juices flowing though! ?

  • On behalf of The Evangelical Covenant Church’s Commission on Biblical Gender Equality, we are honored to be noted on this list. The Junia Project is a gift to this movement of the Holy Spirit!

    • Thanks, Brian! We so appreciate your consistent and intentional efforts to raise up women leaders and pastors! keep up the good work.

  • Wow. Thanks so much for the shout-out. Thankful to be mentioned with these fellow warriors. You guys do amazing work at JP and we’re so thankful for you!

    • Thanks, Rachel. You have been on a roll – we believe it is making a difference 🙂 Praise God for the faithfulness of CBE and all the staff!

    • Rachel, I’ve been really enjoying The CBE Scroll lately. So many good articles!

      And a very belated thank you, Gail and Kate. I value your support. You are a tremendous encouragement to me!!!

    • Of course! So excited for what is happening at Missio Alliance and for your commitment to women.

  • The Junia Project blesses me so much, and to be included on your list is such an honor. Thank you for all you do!

  • Thanks for including my blog. I appreciate the encouragement and to know I am making a difference. It doesn’t always feel that way, and you can feel like a lone voice in the wilderness.

    • Laura, we know what you mean – it is encouraging to know others are reading and learning, and that our voices are making a difference! We so appreciate your diligent scholarship and commitment to the cause.

  • I am so honored to be on your list, Gail and Kate. To be called engaging, entertaining, and a Junia Project favorite has me walking on air.

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