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Do you struggle with:

  • Understanding what the Bible really says about women?
  • Finding your voice or using your gifts in the Church?
  • Knowing how to help your church better support women?
  • Articulating and defending your egalitarian beliefs?

We are ready to come alongside you in your journey!

We are all gifted.

We believe the Bible teaches that both men and women are called to serve at all levels of the Church, and that leadership should be based on giftedness and calling, rather than gender. It’s time to set women free so the Church can flourish!

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Biblical Equality

There is more to God's view of women than "biblical womanhood". This is a place to explore egalitarian theology and application.


Equipping Women

There is a lot of noise around what God expects of women. Learn how to navigate the commotion and lean into your calling.


Resourcing the Church

Discover ways to help your church lean into biblical equality and more effectively advance the mission of God in the world.


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Start Your Journey


1. Read Personal Stories & Learn the Basics of Biblical Equality

Explore personal stories of women and men who have been empowered by egalitarian theology, and learn the basics of biblical equality.


2. Dive Deeper into Egalitarian Theology

Beyond the basics - learn more about the depth and breadth of biblical equality, and better understand the “notorious passages” often used to limit women.


3. Confidently Step into Your Calling

Whether you are a woman called by God, or a church leader seeking to raise up women, we can educate and equip you to move forward with confidence.

Do you have questions about biblical equality?

We’ve been in your shoes and have asked the same questions. It may feel like you can't move forward in your faith until you understand what God wants from you.

You are not alone! Since 2013, we have talked to hundreds of women, and worked with colleges, denominations, and churches to teach egalitarian theology, equip women, and resource the Church. We are ready to walk with you in your journey. 

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5 Pillars of Biblical Equality

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