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You Are Not Alone! Read first-hand stories of women and men on the journey towards egalitarianism.

    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    “No Representation & No Invitation”: To Be Asked the Question

    Cayla Pruett

    She was lovely, a school teacher for impressionable third-graders, and every bit as gracious as you would hope for the person caring for…

    Personal Stories

    Women in Church Leadership: A Personal Story

    Janelle Saaybe

    I grew up with parents who loved God in a truly relational way. Church was important, I spent most days of the week…

    "Notorious" Passages / Personal Stories / Women and the Bible

    The Proverbs 31 Woman and Me

    Hannah Helms

    I have a confession to make. I don’t have a problem with the Proverbs 31 Woman. One of the upsides to growing up…

    Personal Stories

    They Gave Me a Box

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    For when I offered them this voice that you had given me When I offered them these hands that you had strengthened When…

    "Notorious" Passages / Personal Stories

    Overcoming Gender Discrimination in the Church: One Woman’s Story

    Bronwen Speedie

    I couldn’t study. I couldn’t think straight. I was distressed, overset with a spiritual crisis that rocked me to the core. Did God…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories

    Building Fences & Taking Sides

    Cayla Pruett

    I’m a big advocate for what I like to call “tension living.” If this life has taught me anything, particularly where faith is…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    Hope Rekindled: Giving My First Sermon

    Harriet Reed Congdon

    Last Sunday I preached for the first time in my own church. I had preached before - but never for the church I…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories / Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    Confessions of a Closet Egalitarian

    Liz Wolf

    I never heard the words egalitarian or complementarian until last summer. At 50 (first of my true confessions) I’m a little late to…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    When God Calls a Complementarian Woman into Ministry

    April Fiet

    The word “Complementarian” is a loaded word that immediately raises defenses. By way of explanation for those who are unfamiliar with the term,…

    Personal Stories

    How I Became A Christian Feminist

    Katie Hickman

    It seems that in many Christian communities being a “biblical man” or a “biblical woman” is just as high of a priority, if…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories

    Let My People Go: The Impact of Patriarchy in the Church

    Bob Edwards

    Patriarchy is an oppressive cultural norm with a history that predates Christianity. Fortunately, it is fading from our global community. Unfortunately, it persists…

    Personal Stories / Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    The Power of Your Story

    Harriet Reed Congdon

    A culture is built around the stories it tells. After telling my story of spiritual abuse and marginalization as a woman leader in…

    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    Becoming a Pastor Made a Woman Out of Me

    Abigail Gaines

    The more I embrace being a pastor, the more I give the church the opportunity to experience both the masculine and feminine heart…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories

    Becoming an Egalitarian in Greek Class

    Meredith Miller

    You're in for a treat today as Junia Project blogger Meredith and her husband Curtis share the story of how he came to…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    Fierce and Feminine

    Cayla Pruett

    Fierce and feminine. Despite widespread perception, deeply embedded associations and centuries of conditioning, these two words are not mutually exclusive. Rather, they are…

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