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You Are Not Alone! Read first-hand stories of women and men on the journey towards egalitarianism.

    Personal Stories / Women and the Bible

    Dancing with Deborah: My Exodus from Patriarchy to The Liberation of Women

    Nick Quient

    By some miracle or curse, the issue of women's equality avoided me throughout high school and managed to sneak by during most of…

    Personal Stories / Women and Relationships

    The Dance of Mutual Submission

    Jody Fernando

    When my babies were born, I fully intended to stay home full-time with them for a variety of reasons.  However, a year after…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories

    Confessions of a Former Complementarian

    Bob Edwards

    “The church has not been kind to women.” That is perhaps the most profound understatement I have ever made about any subject in…

    Personal Stories / Women and Relationships

    Side-By-Side: Taking Responsibility For My Spiritual Well-Being

    Katie Hickman

    When we keep our eyes on Jesus, there’s no need for one-sided leadership based on gender. Our marriage is a partnership, not an…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories

    5 Ways to Avoid Undermining Your Theology of Gender

    Tim Peck

    I was a complementarian for more than 20 years. I believed that women should not serve as church elders or senior pastors, that…

    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    A Place for All Women in the Church?

    Heather Penny

    I recently turned 43, and the 40s bring a sense of clarity that eludes us in our 20s and 30s (I’ll probably say…

    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    Why I Am Womanist & Feminist (and it has nothing to do with hating men)

    Khristi Adams

    Now is not the time to blame women or consistently accuse us of complaining, ranting and raving and hating men. For many of…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories

    No Middle Ground for Women in the Church

    Harriet Reed Congdon

    There was a time I tried to keep both a hierarchical view of authority in the church and a freedom for women to…

    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    Gender Hierarchy isn’t the Reason I Left Evangelical Christianity, but…

    Marianne Mandujano

    I was raised by egalitarian parents and my first meeting with gender division in the Church was when I was studying theology at…

    Personal Stories / Women and Relationships

    Submission: A Personal Story

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    Submission What he had always been told he deserved What he expected from me, with nothing in return But it was not mine…

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