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Women and the Church

Study biblical equality in the church, looking at topics like women in church leadership, sexism and gender inequality, women in church history, and ways to advocate for change.

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Church

    Phebe Willets: (Woman) Preacher of the 1700s

    Charity Johnson

    The most prominent of my ancestors was a cousin, Elias Hicks (1748-1930), who brought Quakerism to a famous schism in North America. Though…

    Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    On 1 Corinthians 14 & Women’s Silence in Church

    Mark Kubo

    It is all too easy for the loudest and most prolific voices to dominate what a young Christian hears about gender relationships in…

    Women and Relationships / Women and the Church

    From a Daddy to His Daughters: Dreaming for Them in the Church

    Gail Wallace

    In honor of Father's Day being celebrated this weekend, we are delighted to share this heart-felt post by Brandon Chase. This letter is…

    Women and the Church

    Why We Need More Women in Biblical Studies

    Gail Wallace

    Evangelicals need to develop a deeper theology of women; one that accurately reflects the fact that women and men were created in the…

    Women and the Church

    A Woman’s Right to Choose (And It’s Not What You Think…)

    Khristi Adams

    “You are a creative, intelligent person with a very bright future ahead of you. Don’t feel bad about your decision. I’m proud of…

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Church

    The Logic of Galatians 3:28

    Tim Peck

    Both egalitarians and complementarians try to grapple with Paul’s words in Galatians 3:28 in their own ways. However, sometimes we do not look…

    Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    Jesus and a Woman’s “Place”

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    When I read the Gospels I can't help but notice a significant disconnect between the life of Jesus and widespread Church practice. Jesus…

    Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    Who “Killed” Junia? Part One

    Patrick Mead

    When I first began wondering how to harmonize my church’s restrictions on women with some of the passages I found in scripture, I…

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    “But What About 1 Timothy 2:12?” Ten Talking Points

    Gail Wallace

    1 Timothy 2:12 continues to be an obstacle that prevents churches from moving toward a more robust theology of women. Read…

    Women and the Church

    Really? You Listened to a Woman?

    Gail Wallace

    When my friend Melissa asked the discussion question, I wanted to shrink into the floor. “What do you need to confess?” she said.…

    Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    The Wise Woman in 2 Samuel 20: Insights from an Archaeologist

    Gail Wallace

    When I was asked to write a short piece about my experiences as a dig director my first thought was – would they…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    Hope Rekindled: Giving My First Sermon

    Harriet Reed Congdon

    Last Sunday I preached for the first time in my own church. I had preached before - but never for the church I…

    Women and the Church

    Paul’s Masculine and Feminine Leadership

    Margaret Mowczko

    Some Christians believe that being a leader is a man’s role, and that it is unfeminine for women to be in leadership. These…

    Women and the Church

    Toward a Deeper Theology of Women

    Gail Wallace

    Some frame the debate about women sharing authority in the church and in the home as a “secondary issue”. But it’s a mistake…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories / Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    Confessions of a Closet Egalitarian

    Liz Wolf

    I never heard the words egalitarian or complementarian until last summer. At 50 (first of my true confessions) I’m a little late to…

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