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    Women and the Church

    10 Ways Men Can Fight Sexism

    Allison Quient

    Are you a man who is discontent with just believing women should be treated fairly? Are you ready to do something? Here are…

    Women and the Church

    What the World Needs Now is Christian Feminism

    Karen Tatis

    Until recently, if I were to be asked if I was a feminist, my reply would have been a noncommittal, “Not really.” Of…


    3 Third World Jesus Feminists You Should Know

    Jen Buck

    Today the average Christian looks like a poor Nigerian woman rather than a European well-educated male as in the past. In 2050, 72…

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Church

    More Than Footnotes Part 4: Women Leaders in the American Colonies

    Michael Wiltshire

    Here is the fourth and final installment of "More than Footnotes" a series on influential women in church history. With the influence of…


    Christian Feminism: Friend or Foe? Part I

    Gail Wallace

    A recent article warned Christian women (and men, in parentheses) that “Feminism Is Not Your Friend” and addressed a twofold question: Do Christians…

    Biblical Equality

    Thoughts on an Unsuccessful Job Interview: Jesus Loves Women (and People Who Disagree with Me)

    Katie Manning

    "It says that your area of study is Women’s Literature and Feminist Theory. How is that compatible with teaching at a Christian university?"…

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Church

    A Complementarian View of Justice?

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    Last week, I attended The Justice Conference that was held here in Los Angeles. I have to say up front that it was…

    Women and the Church

    What Does the Gospel Make Possible for Women Today?

    Suzanne Burden

    100 years ago I could not have voted in the United States,” I told the pastor sitting across from me. “But I believe…


    Gender Stereotypes: We Can Do Better

    Laura Ziesel

    When my husband and I were engaged, we read a lot of marriage books. While these books were all helpful in some way,…

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