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Women and the Church

Study biblical equality in the church, looking at topics like women in church leadership, sexism and gender inequality, women in church history, and ways to advocate for change.

    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    What I Learned about Being an Advocate for Women in Seminary

    Karen Gonzalez

    “The devil is among us here at our seminary: women are being told they can preach.” Those were the first words of a…

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    A God With Two Hands: Reflecting on Gender Equality

    Stephen Waldron

    In a recent Christians for Biblical Equality blog post, Kevin Giles showed how people used the Bible to justify slavery in a way that…

    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    My Journey as a Female Preacher

    Larissa Marks

    A few weeks ago, the pastoral leadership team of my church (which I am a part) was planning the upcoming sermon series. When…

    Women and the Church

    The Burden of the Exceptional Female Pastor

    Robbie Cansler

    There is a phrase that continues to be repeated by those in leadership when asked how local churches might be encouraged to be…

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Church

    No Words: A Lament for Women

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    When I was looking at the worship life of the American church, I noticed that lament, and something like the book of Lamentations,…

    Women and the Church

    The New Shame: Why Gender Equality Is Still Worth Fighting For

    Mandi Cherico

    “Are there really that many hurting women in the Church?” I was a freshman at a Christian college when one of my professors…

    Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    Why I Support Women in Church Leadership – in 30 Seconds

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    I was recently asked to summarize why I support women in church leadership in thirty seconds or less. This was my response… Deborah…

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Church

    Free A/V Resources on Biblical Gender Equality

    Gail Wallace

    Here are some free audio (A) and video (V) resources that present biblical gender equality (egalitarianism) in a clear, compelling way, have high…

    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    Hearing Myself Preach

    Robbie Cansler

      I was the first woman I ever heard preach. I was 16 years old, and I called it “sharing”. The urge to…

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Church

    7 Ways to Practice Gender Equality in Your Church

    Kelly Ladd Bishop

    At times I have been frustrated by the number of churches that claim egalitarian theology, but are not actually practicing it. I’ve been…

    Women and the Church

    In Support of the Female Pastor: Practicing Our Theology

    Doug Talley

    I am thankful to have a church heritage that affirms and values women in ministry, women in leadership, and female pastors. Yet, I…

    Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    Women Enter Boldly: The Torn Veil & Direct Access to God

    Carrie Fernandez

      Do Not Enter, Employees Only, Faculty Only, Keep Out, Staff Only Beyond This Point, No Entry: Ticket Holders Only, No Trespassing, Members…

    Women and the Church

    Mail and Female: A Story About Women, the Post Office, and Church

    Tim Fall

    In today's post, Tim Fall shares some fascinating history about women's equal access to the post office and draws some interesting parallels to…

    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    On Being a Female Chaplain in the Military

    Alexis Waggoner

    I just spent six weeks with a group of 21 other Air Force chaplains. All 21 were male. I’m a female chaplain in…

    Women and the Church

    Women in Church History: Footnoted and Forgotten?

    Michael Wiltshire

    Women have always played a crucial role in the establishment of the Christian church, but their contributions are often footnoted and forgotten. In…

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