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    Women and Relationships / Women and the Church

    How to Raise a Girl Today to be a Pastor Tomorrow

    Elizabeth Graham

    Shaping future pastors doesn’t begin with college, or even a call. It begins at birth. It begins with parents and church families who…

    Personal Stories / Women and Relationships / Women and the Church

    Miss & Carry: Towards a Theology of Unrealized Motherhood

    Hannah Helms

    In this personal and moving post, guest author Hannah Helms makes the case that the Church needs a better theology to address the…

    Biblical Equality / Women and Relationships

    On Being a Daddy’s Girl

    Sarah Schwartz

    Today we're sharing some delightful reflections on the impact of fathers by guest author Sarah Schwartz. Happy Father's Day! "Throughout my childhood, people…

    Biblical Equality / Women and Relationships

    One Mother’s Thoughts On Raising a Son

    Beth Wartick

    My son is six months old. He is, in my completely unbiased opinion, a perfect little baby. He smiles and coos and rolls…

    Women and Relationships / Women and the Church

    From a Daddy to His Daughters: Dreaming for Them in the Church

    Gail Wallace

    In honor of Father's Day being celebrated this weekend, we are delighted to share this heart-felt post by Brandon Chase. This letter is…

    Women and Relationships

    I’m an Egalitarian and a Stay-at-Home Mom

    Meredith Miller

    There is no single correct answer for all mothers, or for all fathers. The point is to use our giftedness to serve Christ…

    Women and Relationships / Women and the Church

    The Deceived Shall Teach our Children?

    Laura Ziesel

    One day I was leaving my Christian Ethics class, having just discussed masculinity, industrialization, and lots of other great stuff.  On my way…

    Women and Relationships

    Living Between the Mommy Wars

    Jody Fernando

    When I was pregnant, a friend of mine told me that her mother hadn’t been much into babies. She chuckled a bit as…

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