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    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    “No Representation & No Invitation”: To Be Asked the Question

    Cayla Pruett

    She was lovely, a school teacher for impressionable third-graders, and every bit as gracious as you would hope for the person caring for…

    Women and the Church

    They Say the Church is “Too Feminine”

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    The claim that the Church is "too feminine" has come around again recently, from both the Evangelical and Catholic camps, and it makes…

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Church

    What I Would Tell My 12-Year-Old Self About Gender Roles

    Andrea Heinrichs

    It wasn’t until I started attending a private Christian school as a 12-year-old that I became aware of the spectrum of views regarding…

    Women and the Church

    How to Walk Through a Door When a Woman Holds It Open

    Megan Pritchett

    We don’t know how to walk through a door when a woman holds it open. We’re so conditioned to receive teaching and leadership…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories / Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    Confessions of a Closet Egalitarian

    Liz Wolf

    I never heard the words egalitarian or complementarian until last summer. At 50 (first of my true confessions) I’m a little late to…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    When God Calls a Complementarian Woman into Ministry

    April Fiet

    The word “Complementarian” is a loaded word that immediately raises defenses. By way of explanation for those who are unfamiliar with the term,…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories

    Let My People Go: The Impact of Patriarchy in the Church

    Bob Edwards

    Patriarchy is an oppressive cultural norm with a history that predates Christianity. Fortunately, it is fading from our global community. Unfortunately, it persists…

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Church

    How to Preach to Women

    Karina Kreminski

    Here are some things to take into account as we think about the question “What are some things to keep in mind when…

    Women and the Church

    Gender Roles vs. Spiritual Roles in the Body of Christ

    Ruthie Johnson

    God points to our role and relationship in the Church being defined through a spiritual identity, not a biological one. Read…


    Gender Stereotypes: We Can Do Better

    Laura Ziesel

    When my husband and I were engaged, we read a lot of marriage books. While these books were all helpful in some way,…

    Biblical Equality / Women and Relationships / Women and the Church

    The Incomplete Gospel of Biblical Womanhood

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    I am a single Christian woman who is working to support myself. What does the complementarian message say to someone like me?”

    Biblical Equality

    Perception and Gender Roles

    Bob Edwards

    It's probably true that nobody disagrees that men and women are different. It's how these differences are perceived that becomes a potential source…


    Biblical Manhood…or Biblical Jesus?

    Kate Wallace Nunneley

    A lot of things are being said these days about being a "biblical man". It just seems like many people are using scripture…

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