Happy EGALentines Day! (Free Printables)

Kate Wallace Nunneley


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Free Printable Egalitarian Valentines! (1)

We love the Egalitarian blogging community and to show our love this Valentines Day, we want to offer you all FREE PRINTABLE valentines!

But we know that you, our Junia Project readers, don’t want just any ordinary valentines. So we collaborated with the incredibly talented Honey, I love You Print Shop to bring you something really special: the world’s first EGALentines! – valentines with an egalitarian twist!

So go ahead, show that special someone some (gender-role free) love by sharing your favorite EGALentines from The Junia Project!

Share them on social media by clicking an image below and saving it, OR hand them out in person or by mail by downloading and printing our FREE PRINTABLES!

Looking for a special way to show that preacher gal just how much she means to you? Look no further!

women preachers

Have you been searching for a valentine that says “I love you, but not in a patriarchal way”? We’ve got you covered!


Have you ever wished those candy hearts said something more your style? Well, we’ve got a treat for you!

ordain women

This Valentines Day, say “I love you” while giving mad props to egalitarian legend Mimi Haddad!

Mimi Haddad

No EGALentines Day would be complete without a proper mashup of egalitarian theology & 90s girl power pop music!


To all our Junia Project readers & fellow egalitarian bloggers, we love you all so much & are incredibly thankful for your voices!

Happy (almost) EGALentines Day everyone!

egalentines day

Kate Wallace Nunneley

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  • I love this website and these Valentines! I am a senior in high School and I am doing my senior project on Women in Ministry. This website has been so inspiring and helpful!

  • I love the You + Me mutuality one. These are so clever! Thanks Kate.

  • You gotta get with my egalitarian hermeneutic… oh my this is cracked me up. What a great thing to start the day too <3
    Thanks guys

  • These are fantastic! I’m very tempted to give them to all my friends since I don’t have a significant other 🙂

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