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Summer Video Links: 3 Great Sermons

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If you are like me, you love reading but sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of books that people recommend to you. I have two stacks of books sitting on my bookshelves right now that are “on my list”. So, to make up for last week’s Summer Links in which we recommended more reading material related to Women in Church Leadership, this week I am sharing a few video messages on the topic. I absolutely love these sermons and I think you will too!

“Reconciliation with Gender” - Dr. Brenda Salter-McNeil

Talk about a GREAT preacher! Whenever I hear Dr. Salter-McNeil preach, I want to get up and cheer (which would be kind of awkward in my cubical at work, where I first saw this video). This video is short and sweet, and presents the basics of gender inequality in our society. Thanks to Christena Cleveland for sharing this last week!


“Twisted Scripture: 1 Timothy 2:12″ – Nikole Mitchell & Greg Boyd

Nikole Mitchell does an absolutely amazing job with this sermon. What a difficult topic and what an amazingly gracious way to explain it! And words cannot express the feeling I got when I heard this woman preacher read something I had written at minute 27.55. What an incredible blessing and a reminder to speak up, because you never know what God might do with your words.


“What My Mother Taught Me” – Shauna Niequist

Shauna Niequist is an amazing author, speaker, and leader. We have written about her before (because – hello – she’s awesome!), and she spoke at our last big Junia Project event. After that event we shared the transcript of her talk, but since then she has given this message a few more times and it has been shared on YouTube. Check it out – you won’t regret it!


Update on the JP Blog Contest

We received more than 40 entries for the guest post blog contest and are currently reading through them. A review committee of four people will select the winning entries, and we hope to reveal them within the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned!

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