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    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    Those Who Protect a Woman’s Call

    Sarah Sparks-Franklin

    Thank God for those who protect a woman’s call! “I’m not sure I can continue as a leader in this church.” So exhausted…

    Women and the Church

    12 Ways to Advocate for Women in Ministry

    Elizabeth Graham

    I am a part of a Christian tradition that has ordained women as elders since its inception during the American Holiness movement in…

    Personal Stories

    This is What a Leader Looks Like: Seminary Professor Edition

    Naomi Hall

    Welcome to "This is What a Leader Looks Like", a series adapted from an interview project conducted by Naomi Hall. Naomi recently served…

    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    A Day in the Life of a Female Pastor

    Abigail Gaines

    Most mornings I wake up to a certain heaviness in my body. I feel it from the inside out. It is as if…

    Women and the Church

    Paul’s Masculine and Feminine Leadership

    Margaret Mowczko

    Some Christians believe that being a leader is a man’s role, and that it is unfeminine for women to be in leadership. These…

    Women and the Church

    6 Reasons to Include Women Elders on Your Church Board: Part 2

    Gail Wallace

    In the end, you see, it’s not about effectiveness, although adding women to your church board will certainly have an impact on that.…


    To Lead or Not to Lead: The Right Question for Christian Men?

    Bob Edwards

      “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness” the firm foundation of male authority? There is a movement today…

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