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"Notorious" Passages, Biblical Equality, Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

5 Reasons to Stop Using 1 Timothy 2:12 Against Women

Hundreds of pages have been written on this chapter, with almost as many interpretations, proving this to be one of the least understood…

Biblical Equality, Women and the Church

What I Would Tell My 12-Year-Old Self About Gender Roles

It wasn’t until I started attending a private Christian school as a 12-year-old that I became aware of the spectrum of views regarding…

Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

Who “Killed” Junia? Part One

When I first began wondering how to harmonize my church’s restrictions on women with some of the passages I found in scripture, I…

"Notorious" Passages, Women and the Church

Defusing the 1 Timothy 2:12 Bomb: What Does Paul Mean by Authority (Authentein)

In my recent post on 1 Timothy 2:12, discussion about the word “authentein” (often translated as authority) was especially rich. Here are some…

"Notorious" Passages, Women and the Bible

Defusing the 1 Timothy 2:12 Bomb

A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man;[b] she…

Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

Footnoted: Was the Bible Written Only for Men? Part 2

In Part One Rebecca wrote about how the Greek word “adelphoi” has been intentionally translated as “brothers” rather than as “brothers and sisters”…

Women and the Church

6 Reasons to Include Women Elders on Your Church Board: Part 2

In the end, you see, it’s not about effectiveness, although adding women to your church board will certainly have an impact on that.…

"Notorious" Passages, Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

Lost In Translation: A Look at 1 Timothy 2:12-15

In Lost in Translation, Part 1, Bob showed that some words in the Bible are translated differently when they refer to women as…

Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

Lost In Translation: Phoebe, Servant or Minister?

Though inequality makes some of my complementarian friends uneasy, they hold fast to their beliefs nonetheless. They do this, some tell me, because…

Personal Stories

Taking the Backseat of Christianity

I was a freshman in college and I believed that I needed to take the backseat of Christianity. I was headed to Columbia,…

Women and the Bible

Male-Female: Equality in the Gospel of Luke

When we view scripture from the 30,000 foot level we see it moving in the direction of a more equal partnership of men…

Biblical Equality, Personal Stories, Women and Relationships

Egalitarian Marriage: More Than An Equal Division of Roles

On the third Wednesday of each month I set up camp in a conference room at the hospital where I work. I set…

Women and the Bible

Paul’s Egalitarian Reading of the Old Testament

For years I struggled with my relationship with the apostle Paul. On the one hand, as a teenager, I was completely taken with…

Personal Stories, Women and Relationships, Women and the Church

Miss & Carry: Towards a Theology of Unrealized Motherhood

In this personal and moving post, guest author Hannah Helms makes the case that the Church needs a better theology to address the…

Biblical Equality, Personal Stories, Women and the Bible, Women and the Church

Confessions of a Closet Egalitarian

I never heard the words egalitarian or complementarian until last summer. At 50 (first of my true confessions) I’m a little late to…

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