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Personal Stories, Women and the Church

Thoughts From a Feminist Asian Dad

I’m a feminist. But I haven’t always been. Through much of my life I’ve been a pretty nice guy – thoughtful, sensitive to…


3 Third World Jesus Feminists You Should Know

Today the average Christian looks like a poor Nigerian woman rather than a European well-educated male as in the past. In 2050, 72…

Women and the Church

Second Wave Feminism

Welcome to the third installment of Feminist Friday! Today’s topic is second wave feminism. The revolutionary nature of second wave feminism is what…

Women and the Church

What the World Needs Now is Christian Feminism

Until recently, if I were to be asked if I was a feminist, my reply would have been a noncommittal, “Not really.” Of…

Biblical Equality, Women and the Church

Reflections on Faith, Feminism, & Identity

Just over a year ago, I interviewed thirteen Christian women about their understandings of faith, gender, and feminism for my senior thesis sociology…

Women and the Church

Origins & First Wave Feminism

Christians don't know very much about feminism. It's one of our "knowledge blind spots". This wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, except that…

Biblical Equality, Personal Stories, Women and the Bible

Whispers of Hope and Subversion in the Old Testament

It may seem strange that I became an egalitarian through the back door of Old Testament patriarchal culture and history. But it worked…

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