Re-Blog: Evangelical Drama Needs Mainline Experience

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We are excited to have been mentioned in this blog on Monday, by The Millenial Pastor, about the Mainline view of Evangelicalism. He humorously sets up the debate about women in ministry as a high school drama. Continue reading to find out which part the author sees The Junia Project playing…


These days, Evangelicalism makes me feel old. And tired.

The week that Phil Robertson was suspended, I was preparing for the funeral of a 16-month old girl killed in a car crash. The week he was re-instated, I was preparing for a funeral of man who took his own life, leaving 3 young children behind.

Throughout the last few months as a famous pastor was accused of plagiarism, as the Pope was called a marxist, as the issue of the role of women in Evangelicalism continued to rage, as the war on Christmas rolled into full force, it just made me tired.

I watched as progressive Evangelicals bemoaned the state of their tribe. As some called for schism, as others resolved to quit fightingabout it, even others thought about leaving altogether,  and still others spoke thoughtfully into the cacophony that is Christian twitter, blogs, and media.

All Christians in North America, if they are paying attention, are forced to watch the Evangelical tribe as it rumbles and quakes about whatever is the issue of the day is. And I cannot help but see it all as some grandiose high school drama.

There is the usual cast of characters.

The Football Team (Mark DriscollJohn PiperJohn Eldredge). The crowds love them, but most cannot see that they are also the bullies. They are pretty sure the football is only for boys, and the only sport for girls is cheerleading…

Continue reading at The Millennial Pastor


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Kate Wallace

Kate Wallace

is a co-founder of The Junia Project, Operations Manager for the Wesleyan Holiness Consortium, and an adjunct professor in political science. She is a committed Christian and millennial feminist who enjoys studying the intersection of politics, religion, & gender. She holds a Master of Science from London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts from Azusa Pacific University.
Kate Wallace


  1. Heather Penny says

    This was an interesting blog. It got me thinking how I view the key players. I have enjoyed thoughts from each of these theological thinkers and have integrated many of their focus areas into my worldview as a Christian. I guess I would liken it more to a diverse family gathering over Thanksgiving dinner. Sometimes there are those awkward moments and weird connections, but we look past it because we are all in the same family and we focus on the strengths each has to offer. When I focus on the areas where we disagree, the family starts to have much tension, conversations get heated, and we forget that we are all on the same team. However, that being said, keeping the peace and addressing key issues is a challenging and important tension to hold. I think my longing continues to be that we enjoy one another around the Thanksgiving dinner table…and present ourselves to the world as a family…beautiful unique and quirky…as we each go out into the world and do what we each do best.